Nutrition and Physical Activity Action Team


Nutrition and Physical Activity Action Team

Mission Statement:
The Nutrition and Physical Activity (NuPA) Action Team provides a forum for individuals and organizations that are committed to expanding quality nutrition and physical activity programs, policies and services in after school programs.

Vision Statement:
All afterschool programs will have healthy environments that incorporate healthy food and physical activity.

Committee Membership:
Anyone is free to sign on to learn about the action team and receive information and resources regarding Nutrition and Physical Activity in OST. The action team consists of co-chairs, members and subscribers. Members participate in work groups advancing the work plan of the committee. Subscribers that select to sign on to stay connected will receive regular updates on the work of the committee but will not participate actively in the creation and implementation of the committee work plan.

Action Team Co-Chairs:
Amira Resnick, Alliance For A Healthier Generation
Bruno Marchesi, US Soccer Foundation