Step Up Older Youth Conference in the Central Valley
Information for Participants


Dear Step Up Participants,

We have one more day until the conference! We wanted to give you some last minute tips before the conference. 

The weather tomorrow will be a bit cold with a high of 57 degrees, please dress accordingly. Don’t forget to bring clothing, posters/banners highlighting your program and team spirit.

Please Like Us on Facebook and Join our Step Up Event to be able to view information, post comments, pictures, and connect with others during the conference.

Please share this information with your teams.  See you tomorrow!

Before arriving to the conference:

  • Check out the Conference Brochure to see the day’s schedule and workshop offerings that you have available for you. You will receive a conference brochure during registration so you do not need to print it
  • Create a plan with your team or a schedule for yourself of which workshops you would like to attend the day of the conference
  • Plan to bring any items to celebrate your team and/or program. Be creative and bring your program’s poster, shirts, or create something that showcases your program’s unique offerings, shows team spirit, and celebrates your program. (please note that this is optional)

The day of the conference:

  • Please park in any of the designated parking lots identified in the conference brochure with a “P” The ideal parking lot is located next to the LAB identified with a large “P” on the map. Please note that Barstow Ave. is usually closed during days that have a scheduled football game so please enter the campus via Shaw Ave.
  • Parking is free on Saturdays and you are also welcomed to park along street parking located next to the Lab and ED buildings.
  • Please check in at the registration table located at the Residence Dining Hall
  • Join us for breakfast, lunch, and a CalSAC reception which are all included with your conference registration fees. All will take place in the Residence Dining Hall

Tips for a fun and productive conference experience:

  • Connect with other conference participants and presenters by sharing contact information. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking
  • After the conference, take time to debrief with your teams about things that you learned during the conference and create a plan to implement new ideas

If you need anything prior, during, or after the conference, please contact Bruno Marchesi at 530-400-5735 or