Rick Rood
Committed to June 2021, Strategy Committee


Trainer and Coach for Education Professionals with Transforming Teachers, 
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (Retired)

Rick Rood is a 30-year frontline veteran in the OST profession, having worked in direct service with children, youth, and families since 1990. In addition to being a 5th grade mathematics teacher, Rick is also a trainer, speaker, author, and coach, serving education professionals with keynotes and workshops, as well as providing Certified High Performance Coaching for educators. Initially trained as part of the CalSAC Trainer network in 2003, Rick helped author and edit CalSAC’s training modules as well as serving as a trainer for their Training of the Trainers Institute. Rick is the host of the Transforming Teachers podcast and is currently working on his new book, “EPIC Teaching”. Rick joined the CAN Leadership Team in 2013 to increase the visibility and influence the professionalization of the Out-of-School-Time field. Today, Rick continues his mission to professionalize the Out-of-School-Time field and engage OST professionals in continuous learning and improvement.