After School Education and Safety (ASES) Grant Renewal—Cycle A Grantees
Tuesday, January 22


ASES grantees listed under renewal Cycle A, will have the opportunity to apply for renewal for another three-year period, consistent with California Education Code (EC) Section 8483.7 (a)(1)(A) by downloading and submitting forms in the After School Support and Information System (ASSIST) by January 22, 2019. Please refer to the ASES Renewal Instructions below to renew your ASES grant:

Current grantees may verify the grant cycle of their program on the California Department of Education’s (CDE) ASES Renewal Cycles Web page. 

The ASES grantees shall develop and maintain documentation of the ASES Program Plan for a minimum of five years after the conclusion of the program (EC Section 8482.3[g][1][F]). The development, revision, and submission of a Program Plan is required as part of the ASES grant renewal process. 

The ASES Program Plan must be developed through a collaborative process that includes parents, youth, representatives of participating public school sites, governmental agencies (such as city and county parks and recreation departments), local law enforcement, community organizations, and the private sector (EC Section 8482.5[b]). Grantees must develop an ASES Program Plan that is available for onsite review (EC Section 8482.3[g]). The Expanded Learning Division (EXLD) must be notified if the program goals or outcome measures are changed during the grant period (EC Section 8482.3[g][1][E]). 

A Program Plan Guide is available for grantees on the CDE ASES Program Web page. The Program Plan includes, but is not limited to, program goals, program content, and any other information requested by the CDE. The Program Plan must be submitted along with the ASES renewal application and reviewed by the grantee every three years (EC Section 8482.3[g]). 

Upon completion of the Program Plan, ASES grantees must save the document and submit an electronic copy to the Expanded Learning Division at Please include your Agency name, grant ID, and ASES Renewal Program Plan on the subject line of the e-mail submission. If the program plan is password protected include the password with your submission.

A complete application should include the ASES Grant Renewal forms as outlined on the ASES Grant Renewal Checklist form. Submit the signed ASES Grant Renewal forms packet by January 22, 2019, by 4 p.m. to

Expanded Learning Division 
ASES Grant Renewal Application—Cycle A 
California Department of Education 
1430 N Street, Suite 3400 
Sacramento, CA 95814-5901   

ASES Renewal Instructions: 

  1. Log on to ASSIST using your secure login information 
  2. Select the Agency Reports link at the top of the page 
  3. Using the Agency Reports drop down menu, select all of the forms labeled ASES Grant Renewal 
  4. Download, Print, and Sign all ASES Grant Renewal forms 
  5. Select the name of the form to be printed from the drop-down menu 
  6. Use the viewing window to review the information contained in the form 
  7. Click the Export link. Forms downloaded in PDF format are not meant to be edited. If contacts are incorrect, please correct them in the 2018–19 ASES grant record under the Contacts tab. Re-download to view updated information. Forms downloaded in Word format are meant to be filled out manually (if applicable) 
  8. Print out all forms labeled ASES Grant Renewal 
  9. Obtain all required signatures (if the Principal or Superintendent information is incorrect, please contact the district’s CDS Coordinator to update the information

Additional information:

If you have questions regarding this subject, please send an e-mail to the EXLD at or call the main line at 916-319-0923. ASES Renewal Instructions