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The purpose of the California AfterSchool Network is to increase access to high-quality out-of-school time programs that support success for all children and youth.

SB 86 Update & Summer Planning with Oxnard

SB 86 Update & Summer Planning with Oxnard
Fireside Chat: February 19, 2021

Join us for our 24th fireside chat. In this chat, Heather Williams from the California AfterSchool Network and Michael Funk from the Expanded Learning Division of the California Department of Education are joined by Ginger Shea and team from Oxnard Unified School District and their city partners. Michael shares out some brief but big policy updates on the budget and SB86 and the group chats about planning for Summer Learning this year in a COVID context. Below are a couple of resources to help you start planning for summer today:


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Grant Extensions & Other Key Updates

Grant Extensions & Other Key Updates
Fireside Chat: February 8, 2021

Join us for our 23rd fireside chat. In this chat, Heather Williams from the California AfterSchool Network is joined by Michael Funk from the Expanded Learning Division of the California Department of Education to share breaking news on grant extensions and other budget and legislation updates that impact California’s Expanded Learning programs. Below are resources and opportunities outlined during the chat.

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Statewide Survey: Impact & Role of CA’s Expanded Learning Programs 2020-21
Deadline: Friday, February 19, 2021

Informing State Policy & Priorities in Real-Time: Impact & Role of CA’s Publicly-Funded Expanded Learning Programs 2020-2021

The CDE Expanded Learning Division, in partnership with ASAPconnect, the California AfterSchool Network, and the Partnership for Children & Youth, is conducting an urgent statewide survey to collect data to inform policy decisions regarding future funding, program flexibility, and technical assistance. 

Due to the ongoing challenges of school closures and the pandemic, state and local policymakers are rapidly seeking to invest billions in resources for schools to mitigate learning loss including “expanded learning time,” learning hubs, and summer programming. 

It is essential that the experience and expertise of expanded learning programs that serve students and families directly inform the ongoing and shifting COVID-19 priorities and regulations about what students, schools, and communities need now and over the next year. 

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A Hub of Community Resilience: California’s Expanded Learning Programs Respond to Crisis
A State of the State Brief: December 2020

This State of the State Brief provides a high-level overview of the public investment in the Expanded Learning Infrastructure in California and how that system has been leveraged to respond to crises in the state, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanded Learning programs are a critical partner to help California respond to crises and ultimately build back stronger.  Pandemic or not, Expanded Learning programs need equitable and sustainable funding to ensure the economic success of young people and their futures, as well as the progress of California. An investment in Expanded Learning is an investment in our youth, our families, and our communities. 

CAN Newsletter
“You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming.”  - Pablo Neruda

CAN Newsletter – 2021: Challenge and Opportunity
January 13, 2021

It’s time to envision and create the world our children, families, and communities deserve. 

It seems that each day is a new reminder of stark inequities in our social systems. The very ideal that every person is entitled to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is far from a reality. The systems designed to support this ideal have long been rooted in white supremacy, racial injustice, economic inequity, and systemic oppression. Last week’s insurrection at the Nation’s Capital only serves to punctuate the systemic challenges we face. Our history has led us to this moment, and this moment is an opportunity.

California After 3PM

New Household Survey: California Is a ‘Top 10 State for Afterschool, ’ Even as Unmet Demand for Programs Increases
December 8, 2020

Student participation that exceeds the national average and overwhelming parent satisfaction with afterschool programs make California a “Top 10 State for Afterschool,” according to a household survey commissioned by the Afterschool Alliance and released today. Nevertheless, unmet demand for programs – the percentage of California parents who say they would enroll their child in an afterschool program if one were available to them – is high, especially among low-income families, who report cost as a significant barrier.

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COVID-19 Guidance from CDE Expanded Learning Division
As of February 2, 2021

Recent guidance from the California Department of Education Expanded Learning Division (EXLD) has

  • ensured grants remain intact,
  • programs will receive attendance relief for closures related to COVID-19,
  • grant reductions have been suspended, and
  • hourly employees and classified staff can continue to be paid.  

More specific details are outlined in the below links: 

The Expanded Learning Division continues to work on providing additional guidance related to expanded learning program grants. If you have any questions, please contact expandedlearning@cde.ca.gov.


Meet Mizzen by Mott

As champions for children, you’re doing everything you can during this time to keep youth safe and continue to serve them. We also know you’re doing all you can to support your staff. You have risen to the challenge in every way. 

In support of your efforts, we have a new resource to share with you.

Mizzen by Mott is a new app built with and for afterschool professionals to provide high-quality, engaging learning content to the afterschool field.