Child Care Programs in CA


Child Care Programs in California

California (The California Department of Education Early Learning and Care Division) administers and funds a variety of subsidized child care programs designed to serve low-income students. These programs are funded through CalWORKs stages 2 and 3, family child care, general child care, migrant care, migrant alternative payment, severely handicapped, and alternative payment programs. Thousands of additional school-age children are served through CalWORKs Stage 1 Child Care, administered by the California Department of Social Services through County Welfare Departments. Learn more about Child Care funding in California. 

The California Resource and Referral Network 
Provides information on finding or choosing child care, connects providers to resources and professional development, and provides research and advocacy materials to understand and advocate for chid care programs in California. 

Local Resource and Referral Agencies 
Funded by the California Department of Education and located in every County of the state. They provide a variety of services to parents seeking care, to providers seeking professional development, and to communities seeking support for their youngest residents.

Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education
The Assembly’s effort to plan an early learning system that works for children, families and providers. The Commission is dedicated to the core vision of developing strategic solutions to improve outcomes for young learners in California.

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