Leadership Team


Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is the primary governing body of the California AfterSchool Network. The Leadership Team is responsible for providing leadership, strategic direction, and support to the committees and participants in the California AfterSchool Network.

CAN Leadership Team and Staff

CAN’s Leadership Committees include the Finance Committee, Strategy Committee, and Leadership Development Committee. They are comprised of CAN Leaders and as committees of the CAN Leadership Team, they are responsible to the CAN Leadership Team. Using the drop-down list below, learn of our committees. 

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to monitor CAN’s Budget and Finances, support fund development strategies in conjunction with the Executive Director, create recommendations to the Leadership Team on how CAN Leaders can support fund development efforts, and make decisions on whether or not CAN engages in new efforts through the Opportunity Consideration and Adoption Process.

Strategy Committee

The purpose of the Strategy Committee is to lead the strategic planning efforts in conjunction with the Executive Director, develop and monitor the process to review progress toward strategic directions, and evaluate new opportunities for CAN using the Opportunity Consideration and Adoption Process.

Leadership Development Committee

This committee ensures diverse leaders based on CAN’s strategic direction. It recruits and orients new CAN leaders, assesses LT member experience, and makes recommendations to improve Leadership Team culture and capacity.


John Acosta, MBA
Committed to June 2025, Leadership Development Committee

Homeless Innovation Program Coordinator, San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

John has worked in the out-of-school time setting for over ten years with the YMCA. His experience started in his hometown Stockton, CA where he was Program Leader mentoring and tutoring at-risk youth. John eventually moved up and became a Program Director providing leadership and mentorships to his team, and students that were in his program. During his time with the YMCA, he joined the YMCA’s Employee Resource Group: Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Network, where he assisted staff of Asian Pacific Islander heritage in their career development within the organization.  In 2018, he joined the California Afterschool Network Leadership Team and is still currently serving on the team. 

John is currently working at the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education as the Homeless Innovation Program Coordinator, educating and training educators, and community leaders about how to serve youth and families who are facing homelessness through the county’s system of care. 


Sergio Barragán
Committed to June 2024, Strategy Committee

Photo of Sergio Barragán Community Services Supervisor, City of Fontana

Sergio Barragán is the Community Services Supervisor for the City of Fontana, overseeing 35 Fontana Expanded Learning Program sites in partnership with the Fontana Unified School District, Etiwanda School District, and the Colton Joint Unified District. His role in the city is to lead and support staff in the delivery of high-quality programming to the children and youth of the community. Sergio has been in the field for over 15 years working from frontline staff to program leadership. Sergio’s dedication to the expanded learning field comes from understanding the benefits he received as a youth participant in after school activities and knowing the impact that can be provided to youth as a professional in the field. Sergio joined the California Afterschool Network to continue his commitment to making positive contributions in the field that serves youth.


Luis Castellanos
Committed to June 2026, Leadership Development Committee

Luis Castellanos Headshot

Assistant Program Manager, Harmonium

Luis has been involved in educational programming since he was a youth and has served in various roles and programs for over 9 years. In his youth, Luis participated and volunteered for several leadership programs and summer camps. His professional experience began in the Coachella Valley where Luis was born and raised. Immediately after high school in 2015, Luis began working for the Desert Sands Unified School District as an AVID tutor and academic specialist assisting students during the school day to achieve their academic goals. Concurrently Luis began his journey in the before and after school world by becoming a program leader with the Family YMCA of the Desert. 


Jennifer Cisneros
Committed to June 2026, Finance Committee

Photo of Jennifer Cisneros

Director of Expanded Learning, Santa Ana Unified School District

Jennifer Cisneros has served in the Expanded Learning field for 23 years. Being exposed to the Boys & Girls Clubs movement as a volunteer in 1999, she discovered her passion for youth development. This led to her serving in various leadership roles at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove, from frontline staff to the Vice President of Youth Development Services, supporting 56 program sites.


Michael Funk
Committed to June 2024, Ex-Officio

Director, California Department of Education – Expanded Learning Division

Michael Funk, Director of the Expanded Learning Division for the California Department of Education, led the development of “A Vision for Expanded Learning in California, Strategic Plan 1.0: 2014–2016” which resulted in numerous successes in embedding quality, systems, and technical assistance to support programs and elevate expanded learning as a key partner in the K–12 education system. The plan created a California statewide system of support. Michael led the second iteration, “A Vision for Expanded Learning in California, Strategic Plan 2.0: 2019–2023”, to sustain California’s momentum and innovative path to support quality expanded learning programs across the State. Through the Compassionate Systems Framework, the System of Support for Expanded Learning works with the Center for Systems Awareness to support staff and students. One of the many passionate reasons Michael joined the CAN Leadership Team is to see that California’s Expanded Learning Programs be an integral part of young people’s education, engaging them in year-round learning opportunities that prepare them for college, career, and life.


Esmeralda Garcia
Committed to June 2026, Finance Committee

Esmeralda Garcia Headshot

Director of Expanded Learning, Calexico Unified School District

Esmeralda Garcia joined Calexico Unified (CUSD) initially in 2014 as a school counselor. Shortly after joining CUSD, she began working in the after school program at her school site as a Site Coordinator. During her tenure with CUSD and working after school, she began working on her administrator credential. Upon completing her administrative service credential, she became a vice principal with a neighboring district, where she also served as the district coordinator for five after school programs. She then returned to CUSD as the Migrant Coordinator. Only two months after returning to CUSD an opening became available in the Expanded Learning Department. She currently serves as the Director of the Expanded Learning Department. She is building a comprehensive CUSD program that serves Tk-12th Grade students using multiple funding sources. She works with all levels of staffing, families, and administration to provide programming that meets the needs and wants of families in her community. 


Pablo Garcia-Hernandez
Committed to June 2024, Leadership Development Committee

Photo of Pablo Garcia-HernandezChief Program Officer, Los Angeles Conservation Corps

Pablo Garcia-Hernandez is the Chief Program Officer for the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. Pablo has worked in the youth development field for 25 years. His first experience was as an arts educator for Los Angeles Conservation Corp’s Clean and Green Program at Carver Middle School in South Los Angeles. He has worked in a wide variety of capacities and job titles in the field since then. He is currently responsible for overseeing grant operations for over 600 ASES, ASSETs, and 21CCLC-funded schools within LAUSD. He is also currently on the Founding Advisory Board for a new Los Angeles-Based organization, Rainbow Labs, that will pair Queer and Gender Non-Conforming Youth with mentors and leadership programming. His strong commitments to authentic youth-led programming and empowering young people to shape their own communities have made True North throughout his career, and in his choices for groups that he works and volunteers for.


James Hall
Committed to June 2025, CAN Leadership Team Co-chair

Director of Student, Family, and Community Engagement​, 
Lassen County Office of Education

James Hall serves as Program Manager of Prevention and Expanded Learning for the Lassen County Office of Education.  In his role at the Lassen County Office of Education, he serves as an ASES Program Director; plans and implements expanded learning opportunities for students in TK to 12th grade; and serves as the county lead for Visual and Performing Arts, Tobacco Use Prevention Education, and Federal Program Monitoring.  James is passionate about out-of-school time because he was involved in after school activities as a student and saw the benefits and the awesome opportunities that were available to help expand his horizons.  He loves to see the same happen for students and adults today.  James was motivated to join the CAN Leadership Team because he desires to help address the need for high-quality programs, share knowledge, and lend support to make this a reality, no matter the size or location of the program. 


George A. Hernandez
Committed to June 2026, Finance Committee

Headshot of George Hernandez

Director, Consulting, Sperling Center for Research & Innovation

George (he/him) serves as the Director of Consulting Services at the Sperling Center for Research & Innovation (SCRI), managing individual projects and internal consultants in supporting and collaborating with partners to achieve their goals. George has more than 17 years of experience at various levels of educational and expanded learning program management and leadership; including serving a full term as a member of the CDE Expanded Learning Division Policy committee. George holds a B.S. degree from Whittier College with a focus on International Business & Finance and a Master’s degree in Applied Research & Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University.


Laila Jenkins-Perez
Committed to June 2025, Strategy Committee

Photo of Laila

Expanded Learning Program Manager, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)

Laila Jenkins-Perez is one of three Expanded Learning Program Managers for the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). Included in their role at OUSD, is to ensure that all 76 expanded learning programs are designed to complement learning and enhance the achievement opportunities for all students; assist K-12 schools in implementing operational/programmatic systems to fulfill the goal as full-service schools by aligning after-school programs with the school day; implementation of grant-funded quality after-school programs to ensure that program goals are achieved, necessary parties are mobilized, and efforts of all personnel involved in the programs are operating at a high standard. Laila is passionate about out-of-school time because it represents actualized social justice at its core with youth at its center.  Laila was motivated to join the CAN Leadership Team because she is excited to serve her community at the state level, enhance her strategic systems design experience, and amplify the expanded learning voice, visibility, and value.


Tony Lomeli
Committed to June 2026, Strategy Committee

Photo of Tony Lomeli

Senior Director, Student Support Services, Modesto City Schools

Tony worked in the field of education for the past 20 years. He began serving as an afterschool coordinator supporting students in Fresno. Since then he has served in both teacher and coordinator roles in both Patterson and Modesto serving students in both comprehensive and alternative school Settings. His management professional experience consisted of roles as a school vice principal and principal at both elementary, secondary, and alternative school settings. For the past three years, he served as the Director III, Student Support Services and oversaw the changes to Expanded Learning Department in Modesto which grew from serving 2,000 students to over 8,000 students in the past three years.


Mariana Lopez Quintanilla
Committed to June 2024, Leadership Development Committee

Photo of Mariana Industry Director​ – Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)

Mariana Lopez Quintanilla is a native of Venezuela who started her journey in the educational field in 1998 working in early childhood education and academic support for students with ADHD. In 2007, she worked with refugees and immigrant communities in Miami-Dade County. There she ensured that families understood the educational system and that students received services that supported their academic and social development. 

In 2009, Mariana joined Bay Area Community Resources, where she worked in the out-of-school field in different capacities, serving thousands of students every year. She is now supporting a team of youth development and family services professionals in San Francisco and Marin County. She is passionate about working toward equity in education, implementing strategies to develop quality programs, and finding resources that inspire students and staff to learn and grow.


Chris Meza
Committed to June 2026, Leadership Development Committee

Headshot of Chris Meza

Program Coordinator, Napa County Office of Education

Chris serves as Program Coordinator of the Napa Expanded Learning programs for the Napa County Office of Education. In his role at the Napa County Office of Education, he manages and supports the implementation of expanded learning programs for students in TK to 8th grades. Chris is passionate about serving the students, staff, and families in his hometown of Napa and seeks to provide memorable experiences and quality through out-of-school programming. Chris was motivated to join the CAN Leadership Team because he desires to help build a sustainable after-school pipeline in the workforce, share his past experiences as a Site Coordinator with all statewide stakeholders, and advocate for the Site Coordinators and line staff on the ground, who inspire him each day.


Dr. Marie M. Pinto
Committed to June 2025, Finance Committee

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ProYouth

Dr. Marie M. Pinto is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for ProYouth, a nonprofit, Expanded Learning organization based in the Central Valley of California. In her role at ProYouth, Marie oversees the operation that serves 15,000 students, on 50 school sites, in six school districts and two counties. Marie is passionate about out-of-school time because it provides opportunities to those children who may not access to academic support, enrichment, a healthy meal, and a caring adult. Marie was motivated to join the CAN Leadership Team because it allowed her to participate in the process that can effect positive change for the field of expanded learning, and to work and interact with the change agents of the state.


Enrique Plascencia
Committed to June 2026, Finance Committee

Headshot of Enrique Plascencia

Site Coordinator, arc

Enrique is currently a site coordinator for arc in San Diego, Ca. He manages an After School Program (TK-8th) at a public charter school guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. He firmly believes in “changing the world, a student at a time.”


Lupine Reppert
Committed to June 2024, Finance Committee

Photo of Lupine Reppert Executive Director, California School-Age Consortium

Lupine is a Central Valley native who has been working in the out-of-school time (OST) field for nearly twenty years. She started as a summer camp counselor and later served in various roles at a range of youth development organizations, including LA’s BEST after-school program and the American Camp Association. Most recently, Lupine was Vice President of Client Services for Arrowhead Management Company, a fundraising consulting firm responsible for raising millions of dollars for non-profit organizations each year. She currently is the Executive Director at the California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC), for which she has served as a staff member for 6 years, and as a volunteer since 2009. Lupine has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Music from UCLA and a Master of Public Administration from USC. In her free time, you’ll find her outdoors – running, hiking, camping, and kayaking or indoors – swing dancing.


Rahul Sharma
Committed to June 2026, Finance Committee

Headshot of Rahul Sharma

Vice President of Education / Principal, San Jose Conservation Corps + Charter School

For the last twelve years, Rahul has proudly served the students of San Francisco and San Jose. Rahul holds a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management from California State University East Bay, a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, a Pupil Personnel Services Credential in Counseling, and an Administrative Services Credential through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Currently, Rahul serves as the Vice President of Education/Principal of the San Jose Conservation Corps + Charter School. Rahul also serves as Adjunct Faculty for Loyola Marymount University’s School of Education and as a Fellowship Mentor for the Diversity in Leadership Institute, whose mission is to create equitable outcomes for Black and Latinx students by building a movement of racially diverse and culturally competent public education leaders.


Erin Sipes
Committed to June 2024, Leadership Team Co-Chair

Photo of Erin SipesDirector of Expanded Learning, Elk Grove Unified School District

Erin Sipes currently serves as the director of Elk Grove Unified School District’s Office of Expanded Learning, overseeing district summer learning programs, credit recovery, intersession, and before and after school programs that serve over 9,000 youth daily. During her 25+ years as an educator, she has worked as a site administrator, curriculum specialist, classroom teacher, and inclusive education specialist and first became involved with after school programs in 2006. Ms. Sipes wholeheartedly believes that it is our responsibility to enable all students to realize their greatest potential by building capacity within and empowering those who directly serve them to provide every student with purposeful opportunities to learn and grow. In addition to her work with EGUSD, her passion for leadership development has led her to work with the Sacramento County Office of Education as a facilitator of professional learning and coach for new administrators. Erin currently serves as a member of the California Department of Education Expanded Learning Division’s Sustainability Committee and as a member of the California Afterschool Network’s Whole Child Health and Wellness Collaborative.


Laura Wasson
Committed to June 2026, Strategy Committee

headshot photo of Laura Wasson

Director of Talent and Quality Initiatives, Extended Child Care

I was born and raised in Sonoma County. I started my journey in Expanded Learning during my school-age years as I attended Extended Child Care kinder-6th grade. After graduating high school, I became an Instructional Aide for Extended Child Care. My education revolves around human behavior. Through experience and education, I rose the ECC ladder, directed a site, and now am the Director of Talent and Quality Initiatives/Program Director. I have two AA degrees from Santa Rosa Junior College in child development and behavioral and social sciences, my BA in human development from Sonoma State University, and an MA in psychology from the University of Arizona.