Mariana Lopez Quintanilla
Committed to June 2024, Leadership Development Committee


Photo of Mariana Industry Director​ – Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)

Mariana Lopez Quintanilla is a native of Venezuela who started her journey in the educational field in 1998 working in early childhood education and academic support for students with ADHD. In 2007, she worked with refugees and immigrant communities in Miami-Dade County. There she ensured that families understood the educational system and that students received services that supported their academic and social development. 

In 2009, Mariana joined Bay Area Community Resources, where she worked in the out-of-school field in different capacities, serving thousands of students every year. She is now supporting a team of youth development and family services professionals in San Francisco and Marin County. She is passionate about working toward equity in education, implementing strategies to develop quality programs, and finding resources that inspire students and staff to learn and grow.

In 2014, Mariana received the BACR Best Practices Award for the Expanded Learning Industry and a Golden Bell Award from the Marin County Office of Education for Student Programs.  She completed a fellowship in 2016 with the National Equity Project and, in 2020, the National After School Matters Fellowship with the National Institute of Out of School Time.  In 2022, Mariana received a Non-profit Management and Leadership certification from Duke University