Integrating STEAM Learning


Integrating STEAM Learning

CAN is dedicated in supporting out-of-school professionals in their efforts to integrate STEAM learning in their afterschool and summer learning programs. Evidence has indicated that high quality programs can lead to increased interest and improved attitudes toward STEM fields and careers, increased STEM knowledge and skills, and increased likelihood of pursuing STEM majors and careers.

CAN has created a suite of resources for you to review and download that can assist in the creation and implementation of STEM learning opportunities in your program. Check them out!


A Guide to Developing STEM in Expanded Learning Programs

This guide outlines promising practices for STEM implementation in expanded learning programs based on lessons learned through the implementation of the Power of Discovery: STEMInitiative. The guide centers around five central practices (outlined below) each supported with examples from California’s expanded learning programs. The five practices the guide focuses on are: 


Assessment and Planning Tool for STEM in Expanded Learning Programs

High quality STEM in OST is engaging and enriching for youth and can be a valuable professional development opportunity for staff. Taking time to get clear about how STEM supports your program’s goals, and how your staff will be supported in leading STEM activities will help to ensure success. Strong STEM programs need big picture STEM learning goals that are linked to the program goals and/or school goals.


Building Local Systems of Programmatic Support for STEM Learning
A Practical Guide for Developing Regional Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are emerging as a promising strategy for building sustainable peer networks that ultimately can function as systems of support within a local region. The content of this guide is based upon the work of the Power of Discovery: STEM2 Initiative.

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Collaborate to Innovate
A resource designed to facilitate K-12 and expanded learning collaboration for quality STEM learning

The Next Generation Science Standards work group of the CAN STEM Committee recently released Collaborate to Innovate: Advance Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards Through K-12 and Expanded Learning Program Partnerships. Collaborate to Innovate describes the opportunities for collaboration created by new K-12 standards and the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning Programs in California. The document outlines specific strategies and resources