Designing for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Remote or Hybrid Learning

Group of students surrounding a table working on projects.

Van Ness Elementary in DCPS has spent the Summer designing a structure to keep the school agile and responsive during the complexities of 2020. By making staff designers in the process allows for the creation of systematic practices that create schools that can recover and respond equitably to crises. Explore Transcend Education’s article to see how school leaders can borrow the methods of design teams for their local contexts!


Teaching Tolerance Shares Reading Together: A Guide for Families and Educators 

The first step toward social justice is for communities to come together. In partnership with the University of Colorado, Boulder, Teaching Tolerance is proud to release, Reading Together: A Guide for Families and Educators, a guide that offers step-by-step instruction and workbook designed to ensure that families and educators are equal partners in creating a multi-generational reading group.