Campaign For Quality


Campaign for Quality Videos

A series of videos that highlight each of the 11 sections of the Quality Self-Assessment Tool (QSA Tool) and the 5 sections of the High School Quality Self-Assessment Rubric (QSAR). Each of the 3-5 minute videos is designed to start meaningful conversations with your after school program’s stakeholders on program quality and to start a plan for continuous improvement.


High School After School Program Quality Self-Assessment Rubric (QSAR)

The QSAR Tool provides after school programs serving older youth with a clear and concise way to start important conversations about program quality. The QSAR Tool facilitates program quality improvement and support through a self-directed process, rather than through external monitoring. The QSAR Tool is meant to support a reflective process in which program staff and stakeholders explore their own programs and work collaboratively to develop strategies to enhance policies, procedures and practices.


Campaign for Quality
Promising Practices From California's High School After School Programs

This guide is an installment of the California Afterschool Network Campaign for Quality. The Campaign for Quality seeks to connect after school practitioners to research-supported promising practices grounded in field experience.

This Guide seeks to highlight people, programs, and successful practices that are supported by research and achieving successful results in California’s high school After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs) programs.