Campaign for Quality Videos


A series of videos that highlight each of the 11 sections of the Quality Self-Assessment Tool (QSA Tool) and the 5 sections of the High School Quality Self-Assessment Rubric (QSAR). Each of the 3-5 minute videos is designed to start meaningful conversations with your after school program’s stakeholders on program quality and to start a plan for continuous improvement.

Check out all 11 QSA videos here:

QSA Section 1: Program Design and Assessment
QSA Section 2: Program Administration & Finance
QSA Section 3: Community Partnerships & Collaboration
QSA Section 4: Alignment and Linkage with the School Day
QSA Section 5: Program Environment & Safety
QSA Section 6: Youth Development
QSA Section 7: Staff Recruitment & Professional Development
QSA Section 8: Family Involvement
QSA Section 9: Nutrition & Physical Activity
QSA Section 10: Promoting Diversity, Access, Equity, & Inclusion
QSA Section 11: Effectively Supporting English Learners

Check out all 5 QSAR videos here: 

QSAR Section 1: School Partnership
QSAR Section 2: Student Achievement
QSAR Section 3: Program Operations
QSAR Section 4: Program Design
QSAR Section 5: Collaboration

Ideas on how to use the Campaign for Quality Videos to start meaningful conversations around program quality:

  • Play one of the videos at each of your site’s staff meetings
  • Show the videos to your school Principal or to teachers at school staff meetings
  • Start your staff professional development trainings with a video as an ice breaker
  • Have classroom check-in meetings with your students by using the videos to get your students’ feedback on your program.