California Site Coordinator Network


California Site Coordinator Network
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The California Site Coordinator Network is dedicated to assist in the capacity building and empowerment of California’s Site Coordinators and the various communities they serve.

By signing up for the Site Coordinator Network you will have the opportunity connect, engage and share with site coordinators throughout the state. Members will gain access to information and resources from the experts in the field, as well as exchange ideas around the program needs, challenges and best practices. Site Coordinator Network Member will also have the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills that will not only impact their programs but it will also help to  inform statewide initiatives. The purpose of the Site Coordinator Network is to give the network members the chance to help inform those within the system of ways to help advance the work of Site Coordinators in out-of-school time in California. 

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Site Coordinator Network: Leadership Team, Action Team and Committees 

The Site Coordinator Network is built for Site Coordinators and is lead by Site Coordinators from across the state. Interested to see who is leading the charge. Take a look and see who is on the Leadership Team and Action Team. As well as see what each committee is the Site Coordinator Network is working on.