California Policy


California Policy

Policy impacting Expanded Learning programs, and ultimately the children, youth, and families of California is shaped by the California State Legislature and California Executive Branch, most prominently the California Department of Education and the California Governor’s Office. Through legislation, budgets, and policies these entities set priorities for how the state invests resources to support these programs. 

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California Afterschool Advocacy Alliance

The California Afterschool Advocacy Alliance (CA3) is an alliance of after school providers and advocacy organizations that:

  • Promote legislative and administrative policies, both state and federal, that enhance the quality and accessibility of publicly-funded expanded learning (after school and summer) programs in California’s most underserved communities, and
  • Build public and policymaker awareness about the essential value and role of expanded learning programs to support student success.

General Policy Resources

California Legislative Information

Visit LegInfo to find CA State Senate and Assembly bills, past and current. View CA law, locate CA State Legislators, and view legislative publications.

California State Assembly

Visit the CA Assembly website to view current legislation, assembly rosters, find your district, and comment on bills.

California State Senate

Visit the CA Senate website to connect to Senators, Legislation, and committees. Locate your district and access the CA legislative portal.

Information on the Current Budget Bill

The Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) provides detailed information and analysis of the state budget throughout the legislative process. Publications include economic and revenue forecasts for California, a detailed review of the Governor’s Budget, a summary of the budget adopted by the Legislature, and an in-depth description of the budget bill as enacted and related legislation.

The California Department of Finance offers information on the current Governor’s budget, as well as budget information from past years.


Proposition 49: The After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program

In November of 2002, California Voters passed proposition 49, the After School Education and Safety, or ASES program which mandated that $550 million dollars each year be made available for Kindergarten through 9th grade after-school programs. These funds would be released only after the state achieved a financial trigger making the release of these funds feasible. These funds began being released in 2006/07 and are administered through the California Department of Education (CDE).


Legislative Analyst Releases Cal Facts 2018

With a state as big and complex as California, the Legislative Analyst Office has published CAL Facts 2018 as a visual guide to assist with showcasing information about the state regarding topics such as public health, state/county finances, housing, and population. This edition includes twelve pages of California facts on our state’s education including national rankings, demographics, and other essential information on K-12 and higher education throughout Ca