General Policy Resources


California Legislative Information

Visit LegInfo to find CA State Senate and Assembly bills, past and current. View CA law, locate CA State Legislators, and view legislative publications.

California State Assembly

Visit the CA Assembly website to view current legislation, assembly rosters, find your district, and comment on bills.

California State Senate

Visit the CA Senate website to connect to Senators, Legislation, and committees. Locate your district and access the CA legislative portal.

Information on the Current Budget Bill

The Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) provides detailed information and analysis of the state budget throughout the legislative process. Publications include economic and revenue forecasts for California, a detailed review of the Governor’s Budget, a summary of the budget adopted by the Legislature, and an in-depth description of the budget bill as enacted and related legislation.

The California Department of Finance offers information on the current Governor’s budget, as well as budget information from past years.