Esmeralda Garcia
Committed to June 2026, Finance Committee

Esmeralda Garcia Headshot

Director of Expanded Learning, Calexico Unified School District

Esmeralda Garcia joined Calexico Unified (CUSD) initially in 2014 as a school counselor. Shortly after joining CUSD, she began working in the after school program at her school site as a Site Coordinator. During her tenure with CUSD and working after school, she began working on her administrator credential. Upon completing her administrative service credential, she became a vice principal with a neighboring district, where she also served as the district coordinator for five after school programs. She then returned to CUSD as the Migrant Coordinator. Only two months after returning to CUSD an opening became available in the Expanded Learning Department. She currently serves as the Director of the Expanded Learning Department. She is building a comprehensive CUSD program that serves Tk-12th Grade students using multiple funding sources. She works with all levels of staffing, families, and administration to provide programming that meets the needs and wants of families in her community.