Staffing Requirements


ELO-P Staffing Requirements

Staffing requirements for the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P) match those of the After School Education and Safety Program (ASES) except for the TK/K staffing ratio. A summary of the ELO-P staffing requirements:

  • The administrator of every program shall establish minimum qualifications for each staff position.
  • Ensure at a minimum all staff members who directly supervise students meet the minimum qualifications for an instructional aide (IA), according to district policies.
  • The selection of the program site coordinators/supervisors is subject to the approval of the school site principal.
  • Maintains a student-to-staff member ratio of no more than 20 to 1.
    • Programs serving transitional kindergarten or kindergarten pupils shall maintain a student-to-staff member ratio of no more than 10 to 1.
    • Mixed pupil groups that include any TK/K pupils must adhere to the 1:10 staff to pupil ratio requirement.
  • All program staff and volunteers shall be subject to the health screening and fingerprint clearance requirements in current law and district policy for school personnel and volunteers in the school district.

Instructional Aide Requirements

What are the minimum requirements for an IA in Expanded Learning?

Based on statutory requirements staff must: 

  • Meet the minimum qualifications for an IA aide as prescribed by District policies:

    • Educational qualifications for IAs shall be prescribed by the school district employer and shall be appropriate to the responsibilities to be assigned; and
    • Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics skills up to or exceeding that required by the employing district for high school seniors. 

Promising Practices

  • LEAs have the flexibility to revise their district policy. 
  • LEAs can create an Instructional Aide Classification and/or Exam to better measure the qualifications and competencies of Expanded Learning candidates.

Do IAs in Expanded Learning need to meet the Title I, IA requirements?

No. Staff members who must meet the minimum requirements for an IA do not need to meet the requirements outlined under EC Section 45330(c), which outline additional requirements for paraprofessionals employed by LEA’s and that are compensated in part or in whole by Title I Funds.

For more details  access CDE’s ELO-P FAQs:

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