Developing a Diverse and Thriving Workforce


The Recommendations for the Development of a Diverse and Thriving Expanded Learning Workforce report, developed by the Workforce Strategy Committee, was released in February 2019. The report includes policy recommendations, workforce data collection needs, and partnership opportunities to strengthen opportunities for the Expanded Learning workforce in their career development. 

About the Recommendations 

The Workforce Strategy Committee identified the following five areas to be addressed within the recommendations. 

  • Influence policy that advances the workforce.
  • Develop a data collection system that informs initial and ongoing work related to workforce development.
  • Address barriers to economic mobility and success to ensure the Expanded Learning workforce is reflective of the diversity of California’s children and youth.
  • Incentivize and attract a diverse Expanded Learning workforce through a flexible and accessible college-credit system.
  • Strengthen career pathways and professional development for Expanded Learning workforce. 
About the Workforce Strategy Committee

The Workforce Strategy Committee was formed in early 2019 with the leadership of Susie Morikawa of the EXLD, Ruth Obel-Jorgensen, Executive Director with the California School-Age Consortium, and Aleah Rosario, Senior Specialist, Workforce Development with the Foundation for California Community Colleges. Committee members were recruited to represent a diverse group of stakeholders and the group began meeting in April 2019 with a final meeting held in December 2019 to conclude the work.

Committee members were comprised of representatives from EXL programs throughout California including rural locations, as well as various stakeholder groups including System of Support for Expanded Learning (SSEL) members, EXL Technical Assistance (TA) providers, community-based organizations, higher education, and the Employment Development Department. 

See a full list of the Workforce Strategy Committee members in the report.