Activities for March 2024

Activities for March 2024 photo
  • Mathematics & Probability Science Activity: Asked to get an estimate for the famed mathematical constant, Pi, you might do what the ancient Greeks did: Divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter.  Or you can estimate Pi by a less conventional method: the random tossing of toothpicks!
  • Cutting Pi: Mathematics & Measurement Science Activity: Cutting string diameters from a string circumference is a physical (kinesthetic) way to divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter.  No matter what circle you use, you’ll be able to cut three complete diameters and have a small piece of string left over. 
  • Build a Bird Nest: Different types of birds lay their eggs in different places. Some build tiny nests in bushes, some build enormous nests in tall trees. Some lay their eggs directly on the ground or on rocky ledges. Those that build nests use many different types of materials. In this project kids try to build their own bird nest using only natural materials that you can find outside. Birds are engineers too!
  • Explore Biodiversity Using a Homemade Bug Vacuum!: Kids use engineering skills to support the role of a wildlife biologist.  Kids create a bubble vacuum to collect and examine the biodiversity of bugs and other small invertebrates (such as spiders, centipedes, and roly-polies) in their neighborhood using a homemade bug vacuum!
  • M&M Survival Challenge: Test how mimicry works by using M&M and Skittles candies as the prey. Hunt for the M&M animals but at the same time avoid the poisonous Skittles animals. Will the camouflaged M&M’s have a better chance of survival?  Learn about animal survival in a fun context.