Governor Brown Approves $5 Million for CA Nutrition Incentives Act


Within the signed $167 billion state budget, Governor Jerry Brown secured $5 million for the California Nutrition Incentives Act. The California Nutrition Incentives Act “increases spending power for low income consumers (CalFresh, SSI, and WIC participants) at farmers markets by providing bonus dollars.” In other words, The California Nutrition Incentives Act discounts fresh produce and nuts, creating an incentive for low income Californians to buy/eat more fresh produce and vegetables. This is done through the Market Match pilot program that doubles dollars of low income consumers ($5 dollars from Calfresh, SSI, or WIC will get you $10 at a farmers market), thus increasing their purchasing power. Results of this effort highlight that Californians that did not shop at farmers markets are now regular customers and are buying more fresh produce. Farmers are also benefiting from this program as their sales have increased. The secured $5 million will go to expanding the program to all farmer markets around the state.