Governor Schwarzenegger Proposes Major Cuts to Youth Programs in May Revise


On Friday May 14, the Governor released the May Revision of the proposed 2010/2011 proposed budget. In this proposed budget, the Governor proposed eliminating all of nearly $1.2 billion in state subsidized child care funding (This proposal would not impact part-time preschool programs or ASES). The proposed budget would also eliminate the CalWORKS job training, education, as well as child care and employment services. While some federal funding would remain for child care, it is estimated that 142,000 to 250,000 children would lose access to infant/toddler, preschool-age and school-age care. The Assembly and Senate rejected these proposals, while several less substantial cuts are being considered by the Budget Conference Committee. Budget negotiations are likely to continue well into the summer before a budget is finalized by the legislature. Since it is not yet known how the state will address an approximately $19 billion shortfall, these kinds of cuts remain possibilities.
To view the Governor’s Revised Budget Summary, click here

Next Steps for California’s Budget
The Senate’s proposed version of the 2010-11 budget would place a measure on the ballot to repeal Proposition 49’s funding guarantee, and, if it passes, add the ASES program into the K-12 flex item (School districts and other local education agencies have wide discretion over how to spend funding in the flex item, with no obligation to fund any particular kind of program). The Assembly’s proposed budget does not address Proposition 49. This issue will be addressed by the Budget Conference Committee.