Governor’s Proposed Budget for 2022-23
January 12, 2022


Image of Gov. Gavin Newsom standing at a podium during a news conference.Governor’s Proposal Has Billions in Education & Other Child Investments

On Monday, January 10, California Governor Newsom released his proposed budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-23.

With unprecedented funding available for CA’s budget, there are again significant increases in the K-12 budget and other budgets that support California’s children and families.

A few highlights specifically for Expanded Learning include:

  • $4.4 billion total on-going for the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P)
  • This is separate from any funding for the ASES & 21st CCLC programs.
  • Very important to note that this is ongoing funding, so a baseline for future years.
  • $937 million one-time funding for ELO-P infrastructure – with a focus on integrating arts and music.
  • $148.7 million to continue ASES & 21st Fiscal Year FY21-22 reimbursement rates for FY22-23.

The budget also includes exciting investments in other areas such as universal school meals, educator workforce, college and career pathways, childcare, community schools, transitional kindergarten, children’s preventive and integrated behavioral health care, and many more!

Despite the strong investments, there still remains outstanding needs including pandemic-related issues that need to be addressed to support our programs, our staff, our students, and our communities. If you are interested in engaging in advocacy on the new budget we will share out ways to take action; also consider getting more involved with the California Afterschool Advocacy Alliance (CA3)

You can read more about this year’s budget in EdSource’s recent article - Funding for schools, community colleges to break $100 billion in Gov. Newsom’s proposed budget - and through the other resources listed below.

If you would like to better understand the overall budget process in California we recommend the California Budget & Policy Center’s Guide to the State Budget Process.

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