SB 1674 (Torlakson)


Current Status: This bill had passed on the Senate Floor, passed the Assembly Education Committee and has been placed in suspense by the Assembly Appropriations Committee due to perceived cost pressures of the teacher pipeline project in subsequent years following the pilot year.

If passed, this bill would have:

  • Expand opportunities for after school program staff to access the existing Paraprofessional Teacher Training Program; – Had to be eliminated due to perceived budget impacts.
  • Clarify that ASES grantees using supplemental grants may use grant funds to operate on weekends in addition to inter- session, summer, and vacation periods with students who participate during the regular day program;
  • Ensure that subcontractors of ASES grantees receive a reasonable amount of administrative funds to administer after school programs.
  • Set a minimum grant amount for small schools with 60 students or less with 2/3 of the students attending the after school program in order to ensure that small programs receive enough grant funding to employ the staff necessary to run the program (This provision had to be released due to cost pressures in the current budget climate and will be pursued by Senator Torlakson in a different budget climate)