Transformative Practices

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Below is a list of resources to support the field with STEAM Learning Opportunities:

  • Equity and Inclusion Podcast: Empowering Change: Women and Girls in STEM – Join host, Nancy Scales-Coddington, Director of Strategic Partnerships for NGCP, for thought-provoking discussions, expert insights, and inspiring stories. We shed light on the challenges faced by women and girls in STEM fields and how we can change that narrative. 
  • Equity and Inclusion Youth Voice: How Two High School Students Are Advocating for Women of Color in STEM – Srinija and Jahnavi have written a book that introduces readers to women of color who became successful in STEM.
  • Equity and Inclusion: Disrupting Ableism and Advancing STEM: A National Leadership Summit – The National Academies hosted a summit and series of follow-up events that examined how ableism in STEM can keep people with disabilities from engaging and thriving in these fields, and explored how to advance STEM by creating more inclusive environments.
  • Role Models Assets From the IF/THEN® COLLECTION: These assets featuring IF/THEN® Ambassadors, Neha Murad, Computational Biologist and Jennifer Stimpson Educator, Innovator and Scientist, can be used in marketing, presentations, social media, and conference presentations. 
  • Role Models and Volunteers — Recruit STEM Experts as Volunteers Less than 50% of high school girls know a woman in a STEM career. Let’s change that – recruit STEM professionals to support the youth you serve today! The Moonshot helps to connect STEM experts with OST programs! Share your program’s volunteer opportunities for STEM experts to work with your youth today! Register here to find role models and mentors in STEM.
  • Family Engagement: Creating Pathways for Equity in STEM Through Family Engagement – This research paper describes the history, findings, and recommendations to reach underrepresented youth in STEM. The findings underscore the importance of family involvement and lists recommendations to change behaviors and the STEM pipeline.
  • Partnerships: NGCP Blog – Empowering Montana’s Future: Unleashing the Impact of NGCP State Collaborative – In each state, the National Girls Collaborative Project model creates a network of professionals, researchers, and practitioners, who facilitate collaboration and deliver high-quality, research-based professional development. Learn more in this blog post that highlights the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative!