Two Things You Must do to Increase Student Engagement & Movement by 50%
Promoting Health & Wellness with Skillastics


Skillastics - Image of youth playing a game Do you have trouble getting children and youth motivated to move? It’s SO IMPORTANT to encourage kids to be active early in their life.  This will equip them with positive habits and skills that will serve them for a lifetime. However, technology and other sedentary practices have contributed to stunting our student’s desire to move.  How can you inspire students to move their bodies when they are not very motivated to exercise?

Skillastics® is sharing TWO proven techniques that you can to do to inspire students to move:

  1. Make sure it’s interesting!

Kids have short attention spans! You need to capture their attention right away with creative, engaging activities that keep their interest. Keep it fun, exciting, and non-threatening. They need to feel that it is something they can do.

  1. They must SUCCEED, and they must succeed quickly!

How do you get those short attention spans to increase? Let them succeed quickly. Students will feel excited and encouraged when they have a victory right away.

That small dopamine hit from succeeding will encourage them to keep engaging in the activity. Their confidence will grow when they realize they can accomplish the task, especially if it’s new to them.

When you combine these two elements, it creates MOTIVATION!

Skillastics® has seen these tactics be used successfully countless times.  In fact, it’s the guiding principle Skillastics has used in over 25,000 After School and PE programs for 20 years.

Check out this short video that explains how to motivate the unmotivated.

Skillastics® is devoted to helping After School programs like yours succeed at providing movement activities that kids love and are simple for instructors to implement. CLICK HERE to set up a quick ZOOM call to see if Skillastics® might be a good fit for your program.  Or if you prefer, email or call (951) 279-3476.