The California AfterSchool Network


The California AfterSchool Network

Cover of Theory of Change and Strategic Plan 2017-2020

To provide professionals, advocates, and community members the tools and resources necessary to build high-quality out-of-school time programs in California.

For California to boast an abundance of high-quality out-of-school time opportunities that enable children and youth to maximize their potential.

The purpose of the California AfterSchool Network is to increase access to high-quality out-of-school time programs that support success for all children and youth.

Organization Goals:
CAN is “of the field and for the field”, serving as a collaborative nexus for diverse out-of-school time stakeholders to collectively address significant field needs and advance innovation.

CAN is a catalyst for quality, building capacity by promoting a shared vision of program quality and advancing a culture of continuous improvement.

CAN is a one-stop communication hub providing information on tools, data, resources, policies, and practices for all out-of-school time stakeholders.

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