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Change is the only constant. This constant provides opportunities for reflection, adaptation, and of course Continuous Quality Improvement. 

CAN’s Leadership Team is developing a visionary new strategic plan that meets this moment and propel our organization and our field into 2021 and beyond. In the coming years, we will advance equity as the heart of program quality to position Expanded Learning programs as hubs of whole child health and wellness, and support a thriving Expanded Learning workforce. As our vision and work grow, we are growing our staff to match it. 

We are also preparing to say farewell to our beloved Program Specialist, Paige Bellanca (see her farewell message below). We are so supportive of Paige and her decision to dedicate her career to her family. We will miss her can-do spirit, incredible attention to detail, and field leadership and coordination. If you have enjoyed CAN’s communications or convenings, you have benefitted from Paige’s impressive contributions to our field. 

Today, we are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to join the CAN team as we seek to hire two new Program Specialists. See the postings below for more details and please do share widely. These positions will work remotely so no matter where you are, you are an eligible applicant. 

Additionally, be on the lookout for other opportunities to guide and shape CAN’s work. In the coming weeks, we will also be recruiting for new Leadership Team members. We hope you will consider joining this team and guiding CAN’s strategy for years to come. 

Keep up the great work out there!

Jeff Davis and the CAN Team 

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A Farewell Message from Paige
November 2020

Hello Friends,

As our fearless leader, Jeff Davis would say: It is time for me to hang up the CAN shirt. I will be leaving the CAN team to stay at home with my son for the first few years of his life. While my decision to do so has already brought me great joy and I look forward to this new and exciting chapter, my heart is filled with sadness to say goodbye to my amazing team and Expanded Learning colleagues.