CDE Update: FY 22-23 ASES Universal Intent to Award Posted!
August 16, 2022

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CA Department of Education logoThe Expanded Learning Division (EXLD) is pleased to announce the posting of the Intent to Award for the After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program located on the California Department of Education (CDE) web page at Funding Results: After School Education and Safety (CA Dept of Education).

The Intent to Award list shows only new funding awarded for the ASES Universal 2022–23 Request for Application (RFA)—This posting is only for newly funded sites or sites that requested an increase through the RFA process for the Fiscal Year 2022–23. Current ASES grantees and grantees that were up for renewal on Cycle A will not appear on this funding list.

These grant awards are made contingent on the allocation of state funds to the State of California.

Applicants who wish to appeal a grant award decision must submit a signed Letter of Appeal via email. Appeals are limited to the grounds that the CDE failed to correctly apply the standards for reviewing the application as specified in the RFA.

The appellant must file a full and complete appeal in writing containing the following information:

  • Describe the issue(s) in dispute;
  • State the legal authority or other basis for the appeal; and
  • State the remedy that is sought.

The appeal letter must be signed by the Authorized Signatory or the Designee that signed the original application. The EXLD will be accepting signed scanned signatures or Adobe Acrobat digitally signed letters. The Letter of Appeal must be sent via email to within 10 calendar days of the posting of the Intent to Award and with “ASES Universal Appeals” on the subject line.

Please note: The Intent to Award list may change after the grant award appeal period is complete. The final awards will be posted on the CDE website when all data is verified and appeals are decided.

Congratulations to all awardees and best wishes for your program in 2022–23!

If your program needs any support, please contact your System of Support for Expanded Learning contact located on the CDE’s website at System of Support Contacts.

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