Overarching Equity Considerations


The following questions should be considered in any decision related to policies and programming that impact the EXL Workforce:

  • Are the voices of staff, students, and families driving solutions? Are they all at the decision-making tables, especially with lead education agencies?
  • From the perspective of grantees statewide, what does the CDE need to pay particular attention to regarding its policies on the delivery of EXL services?
  • How might decisions be more responsive to the diverse needs of communities? Are the needs of the staff of color and low-income staff an explicit priority?
  • Are decisions focused on addressing systems of oppression?
  • Are decisions ensuring state and local EXL policy does not exacerbate disparities faced by staff of color and low-income staff (i.e., wage/pay, health, education, advancement)?
  • Are decisions responsive to a staff team that is almost entirely people of color?
  • Are local programming decisions considering how they are giving priority to those in most need, or people with privilege?

Download a pdf of these questions to guide your decision-making.