Why STEM in Afterschool?

Million Girls Moonshot Image
  • By leveraging the 50 state afterschool networks, the Million Girls Moonshot has the potential to reach nearly 8 million youth and 100,000 afterschool programs across the country.  
  • Afterschool programs offer extended-learning efforts, sustained engagement, and learning recovery and acceleration in the STEM subjects through hands-on, personalized learning.
  • Afterschool programs offer a safe environment to support students’ social and emotional development and an opportunity for young people to see themselves as someone who can succeed in STEM.
  • Project-based learning in afterschool STEM programs provides opportunities for students to work with peers and develop their skills in teamwork and communication. 
  • Afterschool programs provide a low-risk setting for students to explore new STEM subjects and hands-on activities without pressure of failure – building resiliency and interest in STEM.
  • Afterschool programs thrive at serving students from low-income communities and communities of color and will play a critical role in re-engaging students from underserved communities in high-quality STEM activities.
  • The hands-on STEM learning in afterschool is a perfect complement to the school day, especially as students have had limited experience with STEM in virtual and hybrid schooling this past school year. In a recent survey, 65% of parents with children in online or hybrid schools don’t believe the STEM offerings for their students meet their standards of quality, engaging activities. Afterschool can provide opportunities for students to explore STEM in new ways, addressing the pandemic-inflicted challenges students have experienced.

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