Melissa Perez
Manager, Policy & Outreach

Policy & Outreach
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Communications (Social Media, Newsletters, etc.), Million Girls Moonshot, CAN Leadership Team, Statewide Events & Convenings

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Melissa is a Manager in Policy and Outreach for the California AfterSchool Network (CAN). Melissa joined the CAN team in February 2021 as a Specialist. Before joining CAN, she served as the ASES Expanded Learning Supervisor at the Fullerton School District in Fullerton, CA. Melissa has 15+ years of experience in various capacities working in Expanded Learning, starting as direct-service staff, then as site leadership, and eventually as Program Leadership and District Management. Melissa and her teams engaged in program implementation with a CQI lens, thus developing high-quality programs centered on positive youth development. 

Melissa’s calling, support, and advocacy for young people evolved into a passion for developing and advocating for Expanded Learning professionals. Melissa enjoys supporting and facilitating professional development opportunities and coaching educators to create equitable spaces for all children and youth. Her effective communication skills, team-based mindset, and strong organizational norms support her work in Communication and Events for the out-of-school time field.   

Melissa studied Child and Adolescent Development and Chicano/a Studies at CSU Fullerton. She is a Google Certified Educator, a former CalSAC Trainer, and has served on State and County-wide Expanded Learning Workgroup teams. Additionally, she serves on the BOOST Leadership Team, is a Mental-Health First-Aider, and is a Trauma-Informed Advocate. 

Melissa grew up in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Today, Melissa lives in Santa Ana, CA, with her husband. She enjoys art, music, and adventures, with coffee and chocolate.