2022 Fall ELO Program Workshop – Resources & Materials

ELO-P Plenary image of panelists

Thank you to all of our participants, presenters, guest speakers, and planning team!

We hope the #CAELOProgram workshop provided you with an opportunity to connect, learn and further plan the ELO Program. We also hope participants had the opportunity to connect with the System of Support for Expanded Leaning (SSEL).

Workshop Recordings & Materials

Access recordings on the 2022 Fall ELO Workshop Playlist on our CAN YouTube channel. Subscribe to the CAN YouTube account to get notifications as content is uploaded!

Below is a dropdown list of breakout sessions offered at the 2022 Fall ELO Workshop. Each session offers links to resources and/or a recording of the breakout session. We hope these resources support you on your journey of ELO-P Planning and Implementation. 

Workshop Recording – Welcome, ELO-P Plenary, and close of the workshop. 

Description: Recording includes the opening and welcome, mindfulness moment, Panel with Guest Speakers, and closing of the workshop.

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Brand New to Expanded Learning 

Description: An introduction to High-Quality Expanded Learning in California, including the basics of California’s different funding that supports these programs.

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Jumpstart Your ELO-P Planning with ELO-P, ASES, and 21st CCLC Essentials

Description: ELO-P planning with the Region 11 and CDE Expanded Learning Team

Connect with the Region 11 System of Support for Expanded Learning (SSEL)

Developing Summer & Non-School Day Programming

Description: This breakout will explore how programs can create 9-hour days during summer and other non-school days to meet the needs of your students and communities.

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Emerging Strategies to Grow the Expanded Learning Workforce

Description: Participants will hear different innovative concepts to explore growing their own workforce - exploring high school internships, statewide apprenticeship models, and wisdom workers.

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Supporting Small / Rural & Small Apportionments

Description: A session for our small/rural districts and those navigating the unique opportunities of smaller apportionment amounts.

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CQI Your Expanded Learning Program… What have you learned?

Description: This session will explore the ELO-P Opportunity and Continuous Quality Improvement. 

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Centering Authentic Youth Voice and Leadership


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Integrating Expanded Learning and other Funding & Initiatives

Description: Join us to take your ELO-P implementation deeper and connect with others about cross-sector partnerships and leveraging multiple funding sources. 

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