Activities for January 2024!

Soil Erosion
  • Can Plants Stop Soil Erosion?: Intermediate level environmental engineering activity lasting 2-4 weeks. Oil erosion can cost the world billions of dollars every year by washing pollutants into our streams and rivers and by causing the loss of farmland. What can you do about this problem? Help save the world (and some money!) with nothing more than a few plants!
  • Build a Jumping Robot: Intermediate level mechanical engineering activity lasting 2-5 days. Can you build a robot that hops like a frog? In this engineering project, you will learn how to build a simple robot that uses the energy stored in a stretched rubber band to jump. You will use the engineering design process to try to make your robot jump higher and farther. How far can you make it jump?
  • Gravity: It’s What Keeps Us Together: This set of ten easy to understand activities use math to understand gravity on Earth and in space.  The activities are kid-centered (for example, what would I weigh on Mars) and use math in an integrated format.  
  • Space Weather Math: These hands-on activities combine an understanding of math with an understanding of weather and climate.  Easy to prep, do, and follow up. 
  • Beginner’s Guide to Aerodynamics: Highly engaging activities for grades 5-8 and 9-12 combine math and engineering to create model planes.