Activities for Programs

Students designing and then showing off their finished coolers!

Check out these activities that you can utilize in your program to encourage STEAM learning!

Student Design Activity: Bouncy Ball Factory

Youth engineer bouncy balls that meet particular criteria. Using the engineering design process, they develop and test their creations.

Student Design Activity: Paper Table

Youth engineer a table from a newspaper that is at least 8″ high and strong enough to hold a book.

Student Design Activity: Take Flight

Using everyday materials, youth engineer a glider that can fly straight for 15 feet.

Student Design Activity: Keep Your Cool! Design Your Own Cooler Challenge

Youth design a cooler that will keep a bottle of water cool using the engineering design process. They test their prototype and graph their results to determine the effectiveness of the solution.

Student Design Activity: Design a Watercraft

Youth engineering a small boat out of straws and plastic wrap that can hold weight.

Student Design Activity: Get it Write!

Youth engineering a writing device (pen) using everyday materials. They think about both the (water soluble) “ink” and the delivery mechanism.