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Compilation of different math activities

Explore these resources curated by Million Girls Moonshot to integrate into your programs today!

  • Activity Toolkit: STEM Educators Academy Activity Toolkit from ExpandED Schools — This Activity Toolkit offers hybrid learning engineering design challenges, STEM facilitation skill builder videos, and engineering design activities categorized by content areas. 
  • Student Activities: 30 Active Math and Activities for Kids Who Love to Move – When kids think of math, they usually picture worksheets and flashcards. But math doesn’t have to be dull! These active math games get kids up and moving, using their whole bodies to learn facts and skills. Lots of these ideas can be adapted to suit a variety of math concepts, so choose a few to try out with your math students soon.
  • Student Activities: 21 Cool Math Games and Activities for Kids in Elementary School – The following list of cool math games and activities for kids includes math video games, math board games, math puzzles and brain teasers, and other fun math game and activity ideas. These cool math games and activities are perfect for lesson plans, at home learning, summer session, and more. Which one will be your favorite?
  • Student Activity: Smart Skies - In these small-group NASA activities, learners assume the roles of pilots, air traffic controllers, and NASA scientists to solve five Air Traffic Control (ATC) problems. Age range 8-18 Welcome to Smart Skies! Fly By Math 
  • Student Activity: Pi Day Fun! – March 14th is Pi Day (Pi=3.14)! Celebrate with one of these activities from grades 1st – 12th.