Community Engagement Initiative Learning Modules
Professional Development

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The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence has released its second set of modules in the comprehensive training series as part of the Community Engagement Initiative. Each of these four modules is designed to enrich your understanding and skills in fostering community involvement in education:

Positive Community Engagement for School Administrators:

  • Focus: Examine the pivotal role of school leadership in nurturing a positive environment for community engagement.
  • Benefits: Learn strategies to enhance student, educator, parent, and broader community involvement, strengthening the overall educational experience.

Parents, Families, and Caregivers as Equal Partners:

  • Focus: Recognize the invaluable contributions of families in the educational process and empower them as equal partners.
  • Benefits: Acquire practical strategies for navigating the educational system, enhancing family-school collaborations, and respecting family expertise in education.

Progress Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Focus: Develop skills in monitoring and evaluating school improvement initiatives using data-driven approaches.
  • Benefits: Gain expertise in collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data to address specific challenges and improve community engagement in your school or district.

Walking Alongside Communities: Building Authentic Community Partnerships:

  • Focus: Understand the essence of community and how to build genuine partnerships with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).
  • Benefits: Learn to conduct effective landscape analyses, resource mapping, and leverage community voices to strengthen and maintain robust partnerships.

Explore all of the modules on the CaliforniaEngage website.