Cycle-A-ASES Renewal Applications for FY 2022-23
November 2021

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The ASES grantees listed under renewal Cycle A will have the opportunity to apply for renewal for another three-year period, consistent with California Education Code (EC) Section 8483.7(a)(1)(A). There are two parts to this process: (1) submit a current ASES Program Plan and (2) submit the ASES renewal application.

Current grantees may verify the grant cycle of their program on the California Department of Education’s (CDE’s) ASES Grant Renewal Cycles web page at ASES Grant Renewal Cycles.

Cycle A Renewal Due Dates

Renewal Grant Item

Due Date

ASES Renewal Program Plan

January 6, 2022, by email

ASES Renewal Application

To Be Determined

ASES Program Plan

The ASES Program Plan must be developed through a collaborative process that includes parents, youth, representatives of participating public-school sites, governmental agencies (such as city and county parks and recreation departments); local law enforcement, community organizations, and the private sector (EC Section 8482.5[b]). Grantees must develop an ASES Program Plan that is available for on-site review (ECSection 8482.3[g]). The Expanded Learning Division (EXLD) must be notified if the program goals or outcome measures are changed during the grant period (EC Section 8482.3[g][1][E]). In light of the current pandemic situation, the CDE recognizes that any collaborative efforts in the development and revision(s) of the program plan(s) may need to be modified. Therefore, the CDE will review and approve this document with a flexible perspective.

A Program Plan Guide is available for grantees on the CDE Reporting and Forms web page at ASES Program Plan Guide. The Program Plan includes, but is not limited to, program goals, program content, and any other information requested by the CDE. Grantees are required to use the program plan guide and provide a narrative description in response to the prompts listed under each Quality Standard section. The Program Plan must be submitted—as part of the ASES renewal process—and reviewed by the grantee every three years (EC Section 8482.3[g]). The ASES grantees shall maintain documentation of the ASES Program Plan for a minimum of five years, after the conclusion of the program (EC Section 8482.3[g][1][F]).

ASES Renewal Application

There is a delay in the roll out of the After School Support and Information (ASSIST) data base reporting system for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021–22. Due to this delay, we are adjusting the ASES Renewal Application submission due date “To Be Determined.” A separate notification will be sent to Cycle A, ASES grantees once ASSIST is in operation for FY 2021-22. Grantees will be given a six-week window from the time the notification is sent to complete and submit the application in order for the ASES Renewal process to be completed. 

Submitting the Program Plan

Cycle A, ASES grantees must submit the completed ASES Program Plan in order for the renewal to be considered complete. Grantees must submit an electronic copy of the ASES Program Plan to the EXLD by email at no later than January 6, 2022. Please include your agency name, grant identification, and ASES Renewal Program Plan on the subject line of the email submission. The program plan can be sent as an attachment to the email or in a google docs format with a shared link.

If you have questions regarding this subject, please send an email to the EXLD at