Engineering Mindsets

Fun in the Sun math challenge

To cultivate and encourage engineering mindsets in the classroom, MGM shares a multitude of resources:

  • Activity Toolkit: STEM Educators Academy Activity Toolkit from ExpandED Schools — This Activity Toolkit offers hybrid learning engineering design challenges, STEM facilitation skill builder videos, and engineering design activities categorized by content areas. 
  • Guide for Educators: Hear Here: A ‘Pi in the Sky’ Math Challenge | NASA/JPL Edu — The “Pi in the Sky” math challenge gives students in grades 10-12 a chance to find solutions to real-world problems all while using math and pi just like NASA scientists and engineers.  This structured activity includes hands-on, minds-on extensions. 
  • Posters and Printables For Educators: Free Printable Summer Math Games ( — Get a free month of activities, videos, and fun experiences.  Appropriate for grades 1-8. Kids “build” a Math Monster who leads them through the activities.  The website adapts to the child’s capacity—gently, but constantly increasing the difficulty of the activities. 
  • Framework: K-12 Computer Science Framework — The Association for Computing Machinery,, Computer Science Teachers Association, Cyber Innovation Center, and National Math and Science Initiative have collaborated with states, districts, and the computer science education community to develop conceptual guidelines for computer science education.
  • Powerpoint: Best Practices in Computer Science Classes — Easy to follow, friendly power point with best practices in a computer science classroom.