Learning in Afterschool & Summer Learning Principles, An Interview with Researcher Deborah Lowe Vandell

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Since 1985, Dr. Vandell has been a leading researcher for the expanded learning programs. Sam Piha had the opportunity to interview her regarding her research on the field of afterschool. She also appeared in the Learning in Afterschool & Summer Project – How Kids Learn and History of Afterschool in America. She will also be doing a plenary presentation and an upcoming workshop called How Kids Learn VII conference alongside researcher Milbrey McLaughlin on December 6th, 2018 in Oakland, CA. 


Piha’s interview session with Dr. Vandell involves a series of the following questions:

  • Some important lessons she learned from studying and researching afterschool program for many decades
  • Her comments on the role of civic engagement and youth activism on positive youth development
  • Her thoughts on indicators to use to assess effectiveness of afterschool programs
  • Her current projects and studies in regard to afterschool
  • And the future of afterschool programs either in regard to policy or practice

To learn more about Dr. Vandell and what she is working on, please visit: Learning in Afterschool & Summer – An Interview with Dr. Vandell