Local, Statewide and National Events!


California Events

The California AfterSchool Network, California Department of Education, and System of Support for Expanded Learning are excited to recognize leaders across the state at our 2023 Lights on Afterschool celebration: the California Expanded Learning Leadership Awards! 

Events come in all shapes and sizes. Celebrations might include an open house, breakfast summit for local leaders, student performance, candlelight vigil, or as simple as getting support for your petition. Pick something that works for your community and program.

National Events

Details Coming Soon!

Keep the #LightsOnAfterschool where you are! There are so many creative ways to plan an event or showcase the programs in your community. Join the largest nationwide celebration of afterschool & summer learning programs with this guide: http://www.afterschoolalliance.org/loa.cfm

Local Events

Hundreds of programs will also celebrate keeping the Lights On Afterschool with local events – showcasing their programs to the public with youth performances, informational presentations, and other activities highlighting what the programs offer to children and youth.

Bookmark this link to find a 2023 Local Event near you!