New Brief: Healing-Centered Community Schools

Field with children playing ball

PACE, in partnership with California Children’s Trust, Californians for Justice, and Advancement Project California, published a series of briefs detailing practices on what healing-centered community schools should look like. 

The first policy brief, called Healing-Centered Community Schools: A Key Investment for COVID-19 Recovery, talks about a vision for leaders in all levels of education.

The complementary practice brief, Practices of a Healing-Centered Community School, outlines the effectiveness of high quality teaching by creating conditions that: (a) center racial equity and justice by repairing and earning trust; (b) provide support and capacity; © offer opportunities to learn, lead, explore, and thrive; and (d) are rigorously accountable for multiple preconditions and dimensions of student success.

These practices and actions have been condensed into an infographic list titled Foundational Practices of Healing-Centered Community Schools