New Report: Summer Learning and American Rescue Plan

Image of child using a writing tool on a paper, at a table.

Below are Five Key Findings:

  1. States had overwhelming deference to local control, resulting in few research-based grant requirements. 
  2. A plurality of the states are taking a balanced approach to summer programming, providing both academic and enrichment opportunities for students, which generally is what research indicates results in the best outcomes.
  3. States are actively working to develop and foster collaboration with CBOs. 
  4. Many programs and grants are thoughtfully targeted to serve student groups most disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.
  5. State departments of education are feeling rushed and overwhelmed as they develop and implement their investments.

Additional Report Resources:

  • Access the full report and read the recommendations here.
  • View a full video of a webinar on the topic—”Making the Most of Summer: State Summer Learning Plans”—here.