SEL Commitments for 2022

a teacher standing in the front of a classroom

CASEL released a list of 2022 SEL Commitments:

  • Commitment 1: Safe and Caring Schools  
    • Creating long-term solutions to keep students safe that address the root causes. Focusing on positive relationships will help reduce the risk of violent behaviors. This, however, does not replace mental health supports.
  • Commitment 2: Teacher Well-Being
    • Teacher burnout has become increasingly present during the pandemic. A focus on SEL can address the systems-level changes by using trauma-informed strategies, involve teachers in discussions, and protect their time for collaboration. 
  • Commitment 3: Deeper Family Partnerships
    • Engaging families in SEL is critical, as they bring on a newer perspective. They need to make sure that anything that is implemented is working well for everyone.