Site Coordinator Committee Updates

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Read the Site Coordinator Committee updates to see how the work the Site Coordinator Network is currently doing and how they are making the Symposium happen!

Communication & Convening 

Summary of work:

  • Flyer Creation : updated SCN brochure, Save the Date(s), SC symposium Flyer,Logo infographic, SCN Flyer/ infographic 

  • Designed framework for inaugural  SCN virtual convening.
  • Collected & created content for SCN newsletter. 
  • Created SCN AT statement in Response to Black Lives Matter re: Social injustice/inequality
  • Collaborated with other Action Team committees. 

Policy & Advocacy Committee

We as a team will strive to achieve the impossible. Through courageous leadership we will build community. Leading with equitable actions that will strengthen our voice. To advocate and influence policy to support the Site Coordinator. We believe in you, the Site Coordinator.

Needs and Challenges Committee

Will create effective strategies to gather and analyze relevant data from Site Coordinators to inform the Site Coordinator Committees, field stakeholders, leaders, and decision-making to increase relevance and effectiveness of Technical Assistance for Site Coordinators.

The Site Coordinator Network’s Needs and Challenges committee’s accomplishments during 2019-2020:

1. Reviewed Site Coordinator surveys (2015-2018) for  trends and themes , which found:

a.) Most surveys are not completed

b.) Of those who took the survey, half responded that they were majoring in leadership, teaching, social work and other positions working with children.

c.) Of those surveyed, the average shows that they have worked as a Site Coordinator for 3 years​

Needs and Challenges Work for 2020-2021:

Plan 3 focus groups with Site Coordinators, with all regions. (Northern California, Central California, Southern California.

Resources Committee  

Has completed a resource list that has resources listed in alphabetical order and also list the agency, website address, type of resources, content area, grade level and cost. The committee has also worked on adding a variety of templates that could be copied and used by site coordinators. The Resource Committee will be continuing to add to the list of resources available to site coordinators.

Promising Practices Committee  

Has been tasked with identifying and prescribing promising, or best, practices that professionalize the Site Coordinator with communities. It is the Promising Practices Committee’s goal to develop and maintain guidelines that Site Coordinators may utilize to fit the needs within their communities in order to execute best practices; ultimately building relationships with all stakeholders.

In the past, the Committee has accomplished creating a training/course blueprint that speaks to the competencies of the Site Coordinator position through building the Site Coordinator Core Competencies. Last year, the Promising Practices Committee undertook the duty to review, revise, and revamp the Site Coordinator Core Competencies into a more relevant and understandable format. With this goal accomplished, the Promising Practices Committee plans to review and revamp the Site Coordinator Core Competencies even further this year to include COVID-19 protocol, considerations, and best practices moving forward in an era of pandemic.

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