STEMtivities: Activities for Programs

A student makes a straw tower within time and material constraints.

Student Design Activity: NASA’s Favorite House Plants for Space Stations and You – The Grow Network : The Grow Network – Select a plant to grow and keep a record of its change over time. Design a flowerpot for space—what shape works best? How deep does it need to be? What do scientists need to consider to grow plants in space? 

Student Design Activity: Design A Crew Module – Use materials that are easy to find at home to build a crew capsule for spaceflight. Practice engineering design process to improve on the original design. Grades 4-8. 

Student Design Activity: Straw Towers to the Moon – Let your kids’ imaginations run wild.  Build the biggest tower, or the best balanced, or the most attractive…change the criteria to change the design. Grades K-8. 

Student Design Activity: Landing Humans on the Moon Educator Guide – These easy to do activities for grades K-8 use engineering design process to problem-solve solutions for survival on the moon. 

Student Design Activity: Be “Cool” with Popsicle Engineering – Students learn the design process using easy to find materials (for example, popsicle sticks and KoolAid) to produce purple popsicles.  Perfect for a summer day with young kids!