Trauma-Resilient Informed Practices in Expanded Learning Programs

Report: Trauama-Resilient Informed Practices in Expanded Learning Programs

Nationally, more than 46% of U.S. youth — 34 million children under age 18 — have had at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE) which is defined as child abuse, exposure to violence, family alcohol or drug abuse, and/or poverty.  

LA’s BEST, CEO Eric Gurna and his team have been working with youth to protect them from ACEs by implementing an effective trauma informed approach including updating policies and procedures, educating staff on ACE training, and providing staff with support in responding to trauma and crises. Through their hard work they have become the nation’s first large-scale trauma informed afterschool enrichment system.

Their process recommendations can be found in their detailed report, Trauma-Resilient Informed Practices in Expanded Learning Programs: A Snapshot of Trends in the Field .