Trump’s Proposed Budget would Eliminate Federal 21st CCLC After School Funding


President Trump’s proposed budget calls for the elimination of 21st Century Community Learning Center funding, saying the program lacks evidence of improving student success. It is now up to Congress to counter these drastic cuts or approve them. If approved, the budget would eliminate programs across the nation that keeps kids safe and engaged.  Over a million children and families would be left with no quality afterschool and summer learning programs nationally. In California these cuts would mean a loss of funding for just over 600 sites including almost 300 high school ASSETs programs and would reduce the ability to provide year around learning opportunities through summer learning programs.  The cuts to afterschool have been prominent in the news, check out this article in the Washington Post that discusses what these cuts would do to afterschool around the country.  

Check out this blog from the Afterschool Alliance around evidence that afterschool and summer learning programs work.  To see the impact these cuts could have on California programs, youth and families see the breakdown here.  Visit the Afterschool Alliance for more information or read the statement from Jodi Grant, Executive Director of the Afterschool Alliance.   

You can make a difference by:

  • Add your organization to the list of organizations supporting that 21st CCLC remain funded at current funding levels by March 29th. 
  • Email, and encourage (via family engagement, social media, etc.) emails to congress members and telling them to protect funding for afterschool and summer learning programs!   
  • Locate your members of congress. Visit local district offices and invite your members of Congress to your site to continue to educate them about the value and impact of quality afterschool and summer learning programs. ​