Welcome Leslye Lugo!
CAN Member Welcome

Leslye Lugo headshot

Leslye joined the CAN team in February 2021! She is the Data and Research Program Specialist. 

Before joining the CAN team, Leslye supported BIPOC Transitional Age Youth (TAY) who were working in the field of expanded learning and seeking to become public school teachers, counselors, and social workers for the San Francisco Unified School District. At the same time, Leslye was a part of the lead agency for the San Francisco Educator Pathway Coalition (SFEPC) and helped inform this network of community-based organizations and educational institutions by bringing to the surface the barriers that TAY workers were experiencing.

Leslye has also previously served as a Site Coordinator and Camp Director for a middle school program in San Francisco and knows firsthand how crucial it is to create a clear educator pipeline for youth workers in the expanded learning field.

For 15+ years, Leslye has served youth and families through advocacy work and direct service. She believes it is important to provide adequate resources to the expanded learning field, so that young people can have access to high quality programs and youth workers can have thriving careers.

Today, Leslye continues mentoring and coaching youth workers in the San Francisco Bay Area. In her down time, she enjoys quality time with her dog Xola and listening to podcasts while walking to different areas in San Francisco