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Access the Nutrition and Physical Activity Workplan.

There are two primary ways that stakeholders and the field can participate in the California AfterSchool Network Action Teams. They are not mutually exclusive, and each carries specific levels of benefits and responsibilities.

Network subscribers receive free access to information regarding current after school policy, funding opportunities, resources to build quality, as well as current after school news, events, and research all through the CAN Newsletter, social media, and website.

Network members actively participate in CAN Action Teams and Workgroup activities. Members represent the voice of the field and inform Network staff regarding CAN’s efforts to address out-of-school time issues and concerns, and work collectively to achieve specific objectives within each Action Team’s or Workgroup’s work plan. Members receive the benefits of subscribers as well as opportunities for networking, collaborative work plan implementation, and resource sharing around common areas of interest. Members secure their commitment by signing an Action Team or Workgroup member commitment agreement that details the specific expectations of the Action Team or Workgroup they are joining.

Commitment Agreement
Action Team or Workgroup members make a commitment to attend 66% of all scheduled action team workgroup meetings, and commit to Action Team and Workgroup efforts between meetings as defined by each Action Team or Workgroup. Action Team or Workgroup members commit to support a one-year work plan with specific objectives and are free to continue for subsequent years without term limit.

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