CDE’s After School Division Releases New Vision for After School and Summer Programs in California
Message from Michael Funk, Director of the After School Division at CDE

I am pleased to announce that the After School Division (ASD) has completed the first phase of the strategic planning process. The ASD began this strategic planning process back in February, involving both ASD staff and the field in new and innovative ways.  This included the formation of a core planning team and the “Design Team,” comprised of both staff and field representatives.  The initial result of this work is the attached Statement of Strategic Direction that describes the point towards which all subsequent planning and implementation work will be directed.

This Statement of Strategic Direction provides overarching guidance for the work of the ASD and its collaborative partners in the Expanded Learning field over the next several years.  This document identifies the ASD Vision Statement, a Purpose Statement, ASD Values, and four Strategic Initiatives with supporting goals.  The Strategic Initiatives define the key areas of focus for the Division’s primary work over the next three years:

  • System of Support
  • Grant Administration and Policy
  • Communication/Information Systems
  • Expanded Learning/K-12 Integration

The document will be used to create alignment both within CDE and with external stakeholders towards a common vision.  Implementation Teams will use this Statement of Strategic Direction as the basis for creating an accountability framework for the ASD and a first-year action plan. We are intending that the Implementation Teams be composed of both ASD staff and individuals from throughout the afterschool community. An additional announcement with an application will be sent out in the coming weeks seeking field representatives interested in participating in an Implementation Team for one of the four Strategic Initiatives.

Michael Funk, Director
After School Division
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 3400
Sacramento, CA 95814